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Tesla Giga Shanghai Gears Up for Epic 2021 Production, Rapid Expansion Continues

Tesla Giga Shanghai Gears Up for Epic 2021 Production, Rapid Expansion Continues

Photos: WU WA/ YouTube

Activity at Tesla's Giga Shanghai is increasing every day: construction of new buildings is progressing rapidly, new sites are being developed, and the production and dispatch of Model 3 and Model Y are proceeding at the highest speed. 

As the video filmed by WU WA/ YouTube demonstrates, work at the plant continues at a high speed. In the parking lot, hundreds of newly produced vehicles can be seen ready to be shipped. They are constantly joined by new cars that roll out of the assembly line. Transport trucks are constantly arriving at the parking lot and are quickly loaded with cars to deliver them to delivery centers.

In 2021, we can probably expect an even larger increase in production capacity. In December 2020, Giga Shanghai produced approximately 23,800 Model 3s, which corresponds to approximately 285,000 units per year. However, there is every reason to believe that Tesla will aim to achieve a production capacity of 300,000 Model 3s per year in 2021.

In addition to production, work is in full swing on new construction sites. In the northeast of the factory, a new building is growing, the construction of which began only a few weeks ago. There are a lot of building materials on the site, which will soon turn into a massive structure.

The expansion of the territory in the southeast continues. Here we see that a part of the territory--which was covered with earth just about a week ago--is now already filled with concrete, though the purpose of these sites remains unknown. Another part of the ground appears to be covered with geotextiles, which are used to reinforce various structures, including building foundations. In the easternmost part of this section, workers began to fill up and tamp the area with a thick layer of backfill.

Activity is noticeable in the place where the river used to flow. Drainage of some parts of it continues, while other parts of it are leveled and covered with earth, after which it is again leveled. At the moment, there is absolutely no information about what will be here and who is responsible for this work, but it can be assumed that this is part of Tesla's expansion.

Between the Phase 2 buildings, construction has already begun. There are construction equipment and piles to strengthen the foundation. It seems that construction of the building should start very soon.

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