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Tesla Giga Texas Progress Leaps Ahead as Fans Eagerly Await the Year of Cybertruck

Tesla Giga Texas Progress Leaps Ahead as Fans Eagerly Await the Year of Cybertruck

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The construction of Tesla’s Giga Texas is progressing rapidly, and all structures are growing at a fast rate. There is a lot of activity on the construction site, and more and more cranes are arriving to transform the piles of pillars and slabs into massive and stately buildings.

The structure, which stretches from north to center, has grown significantly in size, and will soon take up one-quarter of the site. On its eastern side, two new structures were erected. One of them is already connected to the long building, the second is located a little higher, closer to the center of the site, and will soon be merged with the main structure.

On the western side, where there was only a small structure about two weeks ago, now you can see a large structure, which has grown significantly in size. Its eastern edge will soon reach the long building in the center of the site, and help form a very large part of the factory.

Along the western edge of the future factory, the foundation for the wall has already been partially filled. We can even see that something resembling walls is installed there, although at the moment, they rise above the ground only at a small height.

In the southeastern part of the site, where there used to be a large pit, great changes have taken place. Now we will no longer be able to see either the foundation pit or the foundation built in it since a large building has grown there. Only durable precast reinforced concrete columns, beams and roof deck were used to build this part of the factory. It is possible that use of only such building materials was dictated by the geological features of this site.



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