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Tesla Giga Texas Accelerates Construction as First Roof Goes Up

Tesla Giga Texas Accelerates Construction as First Roof Goes Up

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Construction of Giga Texas continues to gain even greater momentum. Progress, in very laborious processes, has become noticeable not once every few weeks, as before, but daily. The speed of construction seems to have doubled, promising an even earlier completion of Tesla's second U.S. factory, and the start of production of the company's much-anticipated electric vehicles.

The steel structure is growing right before our eyes, and in just one week, has almost doubled in size. In the last seven days, three more sections were added to the five sections of the first floor, making eight. And three more sections were added to the two sections of the second floor to total five--four of which already have a roof frame.

Installation of footings continues in the west-central part of the site. At the moment, there are more than a thousand of them, and their construction continues. It was also noticed that, in the central part, where the internal road was previously planned, construction of footings is also taking place. Perhaps they were installed so as not to disturb the overall strength of the building, or Tesla's plan has undergone some changes, and the road will be moved to another location.

In the east-central part, work continues on the foundation pit. The pit has a clear and neat shape and is currently being prepared for the next stage of construction.

Work on the huge foundation in the large excavation site continues at a rapid pace. On the western side, the work is already complete, so backfilling has begun.

In the southeast corner, at the very bottom edge, 15 massive, reinforced concrete pillars have been installed, on which about 25 reinforced concrete slabs were installed over the last two days, which formed a large and solid roof over one of the sections. Several slabs are still lying next to the structure, awaiting installation.

Gradually, the factory begins to take shape, and even the few structures that are already erected help us to more clearly imagine the massive building that will eventually reside there.

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