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Tesla Full Self-Driving FSD Beta Evades Deer at Night on Backroads

Tesla Full Self-Driving FSD Beta Evades Deer at Night on Backroads

Unfortunately, when driving along the road, especially at night, drivers sometimes encounter animals that jump out of the dark and cross the road. Sometimes in such situations, the human driver does not have time to react, which becomes the cause of an accident, in which both the animal and the road users become victims. But it seems that Tesla's FSD Beta can handle such situations very well. Model 3 owner Dirty Tesla/YouTube shared an interesting video that demonstrates that FSD Beta does a great job of driving on dark, country roads, and avoiding unexpected obstacles.

When Dirty Tesla drives home in the evening, he sometimes gets into situations where a deer crosses the road. This time he managed to capture this moment on camera. As soon as FSD Beta spotted the deer, it identified it as a small yellow square, the same as the symbol for a pedestrian.

As the deer continues to move, the vehicle starts to slow down. You can also notice how the car, trying to avoid a collision, is about to go around the deer on the right, and draws the detour path with a blue line.

As the deer continues to cross the road to the right, FSD Beta chooses a new path to avoid collision. We can see that the detour route is now drawn on the left side. As soon as the deer crossed the road, the FSD Beta successfully avoided a collision, and the car began to pick up speed again.

Soon, Dirty Tesla meets another deer that crosses the road. In this situation, no further action was required. However, the deer symbol (yellow square) was displayed in the visualization again.

Another interesting point in the video was the demonstration that the car can drive in the dark. That is, all cameras and sensors that are currently already installed on the Tesla can perfectly detect everything that surrounds the car—and drive on an unlit, country road, even without using headlights.


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