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BREAKING: Tesla Gigafactory 4 Land Purchase Contract Approved by Brandenburg's Finance Committee


The purchase contract for Tesla Gigafactory 4’s land was recently approved by Brandenburg’s Finance Committee today, January 9. The EV automaker will be buying a 300-hectare piece of land from the local government of Brandenburg, which will be the future site of Gigafactory 4. Work on the GF4 forest started before the purchase contract’s approval.

According to Maz, three department heads were present during GF4’s purchase contract approval, including Minister of Finance Katrin Lange (SPD), Minister of Economy Jörg Steinbach (SPD), and the Minister of Agriculture and Environment Axel Vogel (Greens). Based on the report, the coalition of the SPD, CDU, and Greens agreed to the deal, while the AfD, Left, and Free voters abstained. 

Drafts of the purchase contract suggested that Tesla would be paying precisely 40.91 million euros for Gigafactory 4’s land, reported Bild. At that price, each square meter would cost 13.52 euros, which is significantly less than the cost per square meter of the close to the GF4 forest, Freienbrink. Land in Freienbrink costs 40 euros per square meter. Its price hike seems to be due to how well developed Freienbrink is compared to GF4’s land, which is still a forest.

Gigafactory 4 is expected to work towards the goal of producing 500,000 electric vehicles per year, starting in 2021. It has already been confirmed that the Model Y and Model 3 will be made in GF4. Some Brandenburg reports have also published news which noted that Tesla’s GF4 will manufacture at least five vehicles in the future. It is unknown which electric cars in its fleet Tesla will be making in its Europe-based factory. 

Work on the GF4 forest has already started, as evidenced by drone footage recorded by @GF4Tesla. State ammunition recovery teams have already set up camp and began the search for leftover WWII bombs in the area. So far, 250 bomb funnels have been found and possibly 25 unexploded bombs. 

Gigafactory 4 will mark another growth period for Tesla. Now that the purchase contract has been approved, the clock has started for GF4’s Phase 1 construction. It would be interesting to see if Germany's Tesla workers can match the speed Tesla China set for Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai. Either way, both international Tesla factories will further cement the EV maker’s place in the global auto industry.

Featured Image Credit: @GF4Tesla/Twitter

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