Gloucestershire Police Department is Testing Tesla Model 3 to Add to its Fleet

by Eva Fox April 29, 2021

Gloucestershire Police Department is Testing Tesla Model 3 to Add to its Fleet

Photo: Glos Police Specialist Ops

Gloucestershire Police Department already has the largest electric vehicle fleet among police departments in the UK. The PD is now testing Tesla Model 3 to possibly add the car(s) to their fleet in the near future.

Gloucestershire police shared the good news: the police department took the Tesla Model 3 for testing to see how it would perform in the fleet in the future. Special flashing lights were added to the white car and the vehicle worked as usual for the police. The Police Operations Unit in Gloucestershire in the South West of England is also responsible for highways, among other things.

Later that day, another post was added with an update to the information. Gloucestershire police said Tesla Model 3 has established itself as a highly capable vehicle. Throughout the day, the vehicle was used to respond to numerous incidents and dealt with them at a high level. Police also confirmed there were no range issues and said the vehicle was very popular with the public.

In 2020, Gloucestershire Police electrified 21% of their fleet, and they have plans to further expand this. At the moment, Gloucestershire has the most electric vehicles in a police fleet in the UK, and it seems Tesla vehicles may join its fleet in the near future. The vehicle fleet is serviced by 87 charging points in 16 locations.

Tesla cars have proven themselves as perfect police cars. In the United States, more and more police departments are choosing to buy Teslas over any other car and tend to choose an electric car instead of ICE cars. In addition to saving thousands of dollars in gasoline and maintenance costs, the usage of electric vehicles has no negative impact on the environment.

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