Google Search Analytics: Tesla Dominates 3 of Top 4 Most Popular EVs, Model 3 is #1

Google Search Analytics: Tesla Dominates 3 of Top 4 Most Popular EVs, Model 3 is #1

Featured image: Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Tesla has become one of the most popular companies in the world, and its Model 3 is the most coveted and most bought electric vehicle. We present to you, today, the search results that further confirm that Tesla Model 3 is the most popular electric vehicle in the world.

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts analyzed Google search volume data for 126 different car brands and models, of which 74 were electric vehicles and 72 were hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles. Their data shows that Tesla Model 3 is the most requested EV model with 1,852,356 searches per month worldwide.

This number of searches is more than three times higher than its closest competitor Nissan Leaf, which is in second place with 565,689. Two other models from the California-based manufacturer are about on par with the Leaf.

Tesla Model X is ranked third in the Top 10 with 553,999 searches per month. Model S is only slightly behind at 524.479, which brings it into fourth place.

Source: Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

In 2020, Europe has become the biggest fan of electric vehicles. Looking at EVVolumes.com's worldwide EV sales figures, Europe was the clear winner in the first half of 2020, accounting for 414,000 of total sales in the first half. Despite COVID-19, sales of electric vehicles were up 57% over the previous year.


For the first time since 2015, more electric vehicles have been sold in Europe than in China, which is the runner-up with 385,000 sales. China is followed by the United States with 111,000.

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