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"We had a supply deal of battery formation equipment with Tesla," Says Hanwha Group

"We had a supply deal of battery formation equipment with Tesla," Says Hanwha Group

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Tesla is actively engaged in the development of its battery and, as recent observations show, the company has made tremendous progress, which will probably be discussed at Battery Day. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said:

"Battery Day people. Wait until Battery Day. It's gonna blow your mind. It blows my mind, and I know it!"

Tesla has recently been publishing new patents that testify to success.

The fact that Tesla begins its own production of batteries is becoming more noticeable. According to The Elec, a Korean news publication, Tesla discussed the Korean Hanwha Group supplying equipment for forming battery cells, which is the core of the subsequent processing.

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According to industry data, on April 20th, Hanwha Group's engineering division has signed a contract for the supply of battery formation equipment for the Tesla factory. This collaboration will primarily be for the automaker's pilot production line in Fremont, California. And then to production facilities in Giga Nevada, Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin, the contract is expected to be worth at least tens of millions of US dollars.

The molding equipment for which Hanwha signed a supply contract plays the role of activating recharging and discharging by passing a constant current to make the battery work normally. It is located after the assembly process in which battery materials, such as cathode material, separator and electrolyte, are placed in a metal cylindrical body. Logistic equipment is mainly used for the production of batteries in modular and packaging units. Tesla uses cylindrical batteries. The battery should be transported quickly and accurately, without interrupting the technological work.

A Hanwha spokesman said: “I know that Tesla equipment was prepared a year ago...We can manufacture equipment for all but a few processes on the entire battery production line."

Another company spokesman said he could not disclose the details of the contract, but confirmed that it was signed: “It’s true that we had a supply deal of battery formation equipment with Tesla.”

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