Hawaii Dept of Transportation Bought Tesla Model Y in Initial Step to Electrify Fleet

Hawaii Dept of Transportation Bought Tesla Model Y in Initial Step to Electrify Fleet

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The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) is taking a step forward in the electrification of its fleet with the arrival of the first electric vehicles (EVs) procured through the state’s EV as a service contract. Tesla Model Y was one of the first EVs used in the implementation of a more global plan of the department.

HDOT has won a service contract to replace old gas-powered passenger cars in its fleet with electric vehicles. The contract allows HDOT and other state and county agencies to receive EVs and charging infrastructure as a service on a cost per mile basis, which lowers the initial electrification cost of the vehicle fleet and reduces fuel and maintenance costs. Using this service contract is expected to save approximately 75 percent on vehicle lifetime maintenance and an average of $287 per vehicle per year in fuel costs.

Tesla was the first and obvious choice. At the initial filing of the plan, Tesla cars, which have been in service in several police departments for more than a year, became examples of the financial justification of the purchase of EVs.

City of Fremont Police Department - Electric Patrol Vehicle Pilot Program
- Tesla Model S 85 vs Ford Utility police pursuit vehicle
- Annual Average Operation and Maintenance Costs per Vehicle
$5,901 (EV) vs $8,048 (ICE)

Bargersville, Indiana Police Department
- Tesla Model 3 vs Dodge Chargers
- Annual Operation and Maintenance Cost
$825 (EV) vs $7,580 (ICE)

On April 13, HDOT took delivery of the first of nine electric vehicles intended to replace vehicles, and it was Tesla Model Y. By the end of May, HDOT will replace 34 more gasoline powered cars with electric vehicles from Tesla, Nissan, Ford, Kia, and Chevy. Each electric vehicle will save about 8,700 pounds of CO2 annually.

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