Tesla MIC Model 3 SR+ Heated Steering Wheel Option to Launch Soon, Says Company's VP in China

Tesla MIC Model 3 SR+ Heated Steering Wheel Option to Launch Soon, Says Company's VP in China

The long-awaited heated steering wheel feature in Tesla's made-in-China Model 3 is due to launch very soon, the company's VP in China, Grace Tao, said. Unlocking the feature will be available for an additional cost, according to an earlier announcement from the company.

Recently, a Chinese Tesla owner asked Tesla Vice President in China, Grace Tao, when it would be possible to activate the heated steering wheel feature for the Standard Range Plus Model 3. Tao replied that it was already under development and would soon be available to Chinese owners.

Tesla Model 3, which is currently on sale in China, comes in two models: Standard Range Plus and Performance. While the Performance version comes with a heated steering wheel, Standard Range Plus owners still don't have access to it. The hardware of the car supports this function, but the software for the heated steering wheel is not activated in them.

According to Tesla's explanation in the spring, the Model 3 Standard Range built at the Fremont factory after March 31, 2021 and at Giga Shanghai after January 1, 2021—and equipped with the appropriate equipment—will be able to activate the heated steering wheel function through a paid software update. According to Tao's answer, the company will soon release an update that unlocks the long-awaited feature.

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