How's Tesla Battery Perform After 146K Miles and 1K Times Charging?

How's Tesla Battery Perform After 146K Miles and 1K Times Charging?

The battery is the most important element of an electric car, so the enjoyment of the vehicle will directly depend on its quality.

The batteries of all Tesla models are the most reliable on the market, and thanks to the impressive software, they are the most energy-efficient. Numerous tests and private experience of car owners have shown that Tesla batteries are quite tenacious - they do not degrade as quickly as others.

Branden Flasch, one of the owners of the Tesla car decided to confirm this. He shared his experience of owning the Model S70D. His car was released in 2015, and to date, the car has traveled 146,000 miles and has survived more than 1000 charge cycles (more precisely - 1014).

By calculation, Flasch found that over 5 years the battery of his car retained about 83% of its original capacity. Thus, over the year, the battery lost about 3.4%, or 1.7% every 15,000 miles.

The car was operated quite actively: the average American drives 15,000 miles a year in his car, while Flasch drove exactly twice as much every year - 30,000 miles.

Flasch made a calculation based on battery capacity, actual power reserve and power consumption. The new Model S70D had an actual battery capacity of 66.5–68.8 kWh (full - 71.2). In one of his last trips, Flasch used up the entire power reserve of the car, he managed to drive a little more than 208 miles, which took 55.7 kWh of energy. But, the battery still has 4 kWh left, and if you add both values, it turns out that now the actual battery capacity is 59.7 kWh, despite the fact that the on-board electronics has determined the used reserve in this particular battery as 58.4 (full - 62 ,4). Thus, the battery capacity for all time decreased by about 6.8-10.4 kWh (within 12-17%).


Source: Branden Flasch/YouTube

These are excellent indicators for a car that has been actively used for 5 years. The Flasch's car was used twice as intensively as usual, which means that the average American would get the same indicators for his Model S70D only after 10!!! years of use.

Featured image: Branden Flasch/YouTube

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