Massive Tesla Model 3 Arrived Taiwan, Hints Strong Q1 Oversea Delivery

Massive Tesla Model 3 Arrived Taiwan, Hints Strong Q1 Oversea Delivery

Latest Video Update on Feb 27 by Tesla Owners Club of the Model 3 Shipment (total 3) just arrived Taiwan recently.

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Tesla is currently deploying Model S, Model X, and Model 3 in Taiwan, which may in fact lead to hot sales. Model 3 of the entire Tesla line is the most popular in Taiwan.

Tesla Owners Taiwan reported today that a new batch of 2020 Model 3s arrived in Taiwan.

Judging by the photo, around a 500 cars arrived at the port, which indicates the high demand of Taiwanese buyers for Tesla cars. 

Accordingly, with new photos, after a while the parking lot was completely occupied by Tesla cars, which means that 1000-1500 vehicles arrived in Taiwan.

Earlier, we reported that in almost all countries of Europe there is no longer the opportunity to order a Model 3 with delivery in the first quarter. This gives us a reason to conclude that Tesla will have high rates in the first quarter of 2020.


Since the Model 3 went on sale in Taiwan in mid-August at a starting price of about NT$1.6 million (US$52,980), almost 2,500 units have been sold. 

According to the Tesla, sales have risen from month to month, growing from 331 units in September to 500 in October and November and to 1,000 in the first 27 days of December.

Data compiled by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) showed sales of 1,581 electric cars in Taiwan in the first 11 months of 2019, with Tesla accounting for more than 60 percent.

Tesla Taiwan President Chan Yi-wan (詹依宛) said Friday she was upbeat about Taiwan's potential and that Tesla will build more charging stations in Taiwan next year to boost the number to 25, from the current 14.

 The goal of a total of 25 Superchargers represents the continuous development of the Tesla charging network in Taiwan, and is also a positive commitment to create a charging life cycle for existing and future car owners. In addition to continuing to invest in charging stations, some regions will be one of the first in Asia to use new equipment with V3 technology.

The launch of Model 3 in August 2019 in Taiwan has already accelerated the development of sustainable energy in some regions of the country and has reduced carbon emissions. Currently, over 1,000 public buildings in some regions have Tesla's charging stations. The Charging department works with authorized Charging planners to work with the planner community.

Over 80% of car owners can enjoy charging at home. The installation rate is the highest in the Asia-Pacific region. There are many new developments in Taiwan at present. The clean electric life built by Tesla has already taken shape.

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