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Hundreds of Tesla Model 3s Made at Giga Shanghai in a Closed-Loop System Arrive in Japan

Hundreds of Tesla Model 3s Made at Giga Shanghai in a Closed-Loop System Arrive in Japan

Photo: @Membo1003/Twitter

Tesla Model 3s, made at Giga Shanghai in a closed-loop system, arrived in Japan. Hundreds of cars will be unloaded at the country's ports to be delivered to waiting customers.

Giga Shanghai continues to recover after a 3-week production shutdown. Vessel carriers began exporting cars made there to various countries around the world. At the moment, two ships are already known, which carried about 9,000 cars to Europe. All of these vehicles were produced with a modest factory capacity of around 8,000 employees working in a closed-loop system. Now there is information about another vessel with Model 3s, which arrived in Japan.

@mortenlund89/Twitter reported that the Pulau Tioman with the Model 3s has arrived in Yokohama, Japan. According to information from him, the ship can accommodate up to 1,000 cars. @Membo1003/Twitter shared some photos and videos from the port showing dozens of cars. Some of them are captured moving down the ramp of the ship, while others are already neatly parked.

According to the tracker, the ship departed from the port of Yokohama to the port of Sakai, Japan. It is currently unknown if this is its last stop in the country. Pulau Tioman is only loaded with Tesla vehicles, which means that about 1,000 Model 3s will be delivered to the Japanese market in May. Giga Shanghai has reportedly already restored production by about 50% compared to pre-lockdown levels, and plans to soon reach the production of 16,000 vehicles per week.

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