1000+ Tesla Model 3s Arrive at UK Port, as British Love for the EV Swells

1000+ Tesla Model 3s Arrive at UK Port, as British Love for the EV Swells

Photo: Tesla Owners UK/Twitter

Over a thousand Tesla Model 3s have arrived at the port of Southampton, UK, confirming the vehicle's high popularity in the country, which began to skyrocket in 2020. The British loved the car so much that in December last year, the Model 3 became the best-selling car of all (including gasoline) in the UK.

Tesla Owners UK/Twitter has shared photos of hundreds of Model 3s arriving at the port of Southampton, UK. The recently arrived batch of cars will be an impressive addition to Tesla's delivery figures in the country in Q1 2021. Another shipment of cars from the Californian manufacturer is expected to arrive in the UK in March.

Excitingly, some of the vehicles have already arrived at delivery centers across the country, and within 1-2 weeks, the owners will receive their long-awaited Model 3s.

The manufacturer's cars are very popular in the UK. In 2020, Tesla became the most popular car brand in the country, according to Google search volume. Based on the analysis, Tesla became the leader, with a monthly request volume of 415,000–corresponding to a share of 9.7%. This number seems even more impressive when you consider that the company produces only four car models, compared to dozens that are on the market from competitors.

Love for a brand is expressed not only in search queries, but also in actual purchases. Throughout 2020, the Model 3 became the best-selling car on several occasions, peaking in December. In the last month of the year, Model 3 reached unprecedented heights for the UK market, registering a record 5,798 units, according to SMMT. It was followed in second place by the gas-powered Volkswagen Golf with 4,470 registrations, which is 1,328 units fewer.

Tesla offers much more than just a means of transportation, and the British seem to understand this very well.

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