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Celebrities are Making Teslas Hollywood's Quintessential 'Cool Cars'


Recently, the music industry’s biggest power couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z, were filmed being escorted by security onto a Tesla Model X. The video was brief, and it was made quite humorous with the iconic music producer’s comments about his “mauve” suit. But amidst all this and the internet’s comments about Beyonce’s bodyguard, it is very difficult to miss the open Falcon Wing Doors of the Tesla Model X that the couple was riding on.

This latest celebrity encounter all but proves a point highlighted in a previous Tesmanian report, which discussed how Tesla enjoys the support of an army of enthusiasts, each one helping spread the word about the electric car maker. Jay-Z and Beyonce may not be raving about the Model X they rode in as much as, say, Kanye West, did on Twitter when he showed off his Model S, but the power couple’s presence in the vehicle is enough to generate a lot of views, at least online.

This type of exposure is something that costs Tesla nothing, and it is also something that costs traditional OEMs a significant degree every year. Jaguar, for one, likely paid top dollar for Hollywood A-lister Eva Green for its I-PACE ads, and the same was true for Ford and Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston’s F-150 commercials. Tesla, on the other hand, does not pay celebrities to endorse its vehicles. It simply makes vehicles that celebrities do not mind endorsing.

And endorse Teslas they do, whether directly or indirectly. Artists such as Jaden Smith and Travis Scott have featured Teslas in their music videos, with the latter even gaining access to the Cybertruck and Cyberquad. So prolific are Teslas becoming in Hollywood and among the entertainment elite that today, the electric car maker’s vehicles are practically becoming the de facto “cool cars” or “it cars” of celebrities. And why not? Teslas are premium vehicles, their performance is second to none, and their tech is unmatched. For people who represent the finest in their respective industries, vehicles that represent the best in the market makes sense.

But things are only starting for Tesla. Right now, vehicles like the Model S and the Model X are the go-to electric cars for celebrities. The company’s next-generation vehicles like the Roadster and the Cybertruck will likely be the next. The Cybertruck, in particular, fits well with the edgy, gritty persona exhibited by many artists in music and film. Having a tough-as-nails, badass vehicle like the Cybertruck would represent these values very well.

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