Kanye West Visits Elon Musk At SpaceX Starbase Texas – Is 'Ye' Thinking Of Booking A Starship Flight!?

Kanye West Visits Elon Musk At SpaceX Starbase Texas – Is 'Ye' Thinking Of Booking A Starship Flight!?

Source: Left Image - / Right Image - @alexnklein via Twitter 

SpaceX is building an interplanetary spaceport in South Texas where engineers are working to develop the technologies that could make a spacefaring civilization a reality. Silver Starships are lined up along State Highway 4 road at Boca Chica Village, it looks like something straight out of a Sci-Fi movie set but these are real spaceship prototypes that are paving the way towards returning NASA astronauts to the Moon and sending the first crew to explore Mars.

As if gigantic rocket-ships wasn’t exciting enough, the simulation just got more interesting, Kanye West visited SpaceX founder Elon Musk at the Starbase facility – Is ‘Ye’ thinking of booking a Starship flight!?

Alex Klein, the founder of ‘Kano’, a technology company that makes build-your-own computer kits, is collaborating with Kanye on his new ‘Donda’ music album which will include a hardware interface to play music called the ‘Donda STEM Player’. Klein shared a photograph of Kanye looking out a window next to Musk. They appear to be on the top floor of the vehicle assembly building. Musk previously said that the high bay would be transformed into a restaurant bar with 360-degree aerial views of the rocket factory, pictured below.

SpaceX already has the first crewed Starship flight planned for the year 2023, it will be a week-long voyage around the Moon booked by Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa who purchased all seats aboard the spacecraft. Kanye has not publicly disclosed that he visited Starbase, nor announced official plans of going on a space adventure. It would not be surprising if he is seriously thinking of purchasing seats aboard a future Starship flight to see stunning views of Earth from orbit and get inspiration for the creation of his future song lyrics, maybe he is contemplating hosting the first concert in outer space!

SpaceX is currently working on preparing the first Starship and Super Heavy rocket for an orbital flight test. A Super Heavy prototype, Booster 4, will propel the Starship SN20 spacecraft prototype to orbit from Boca Chica Beach; SN20 will attempt to return from space to land in the ocean off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii. The timeline for this ambitious flight is still unclear, the company is pending regulatory approval from the U.S Federal Aviation Administration. The orbital test is designed to provide engineers with data to develop the launch vehicle.

 High Bay with windows on top floor at Starbase.| Source: @JaneidyEve via Twitter. 

Source: Left Image - @JaneidyEve / Right Image - @alexnklein via Twitter 

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