Tesla 'Roadrunner' Site Construction Continues Before the Battery Day

by Eva Fox July 31, 2020

Tesla 'Roadrunner' Site Construction Continues Before the Battery Day

A few months ago, Tesla began working on creating its own battery for cars in the secret project "Roadrunner." Its goal: to mass-produce a new battery cell that will be more energy-intensive and cheaper.

The company created a pilot line for the production of battery cells in Fremont, where they secretly design and test production equipment and processes. Tesla team members are inviting experts in the production of Li-Ion battery cell and battery modules to join them. The company's website periodically opens positions that imply work on the development and production of batteries.

In June, a document was released stating that Tesla received permission from the city for demolition and preparation for the construction and operation of the building. The document states that Tesla previously occupied this building and established a small battery factory in the Kato building, Fremont.

The company needs to increase the space inside the building by rebuilding and refitting the interior of the building. According to the company, these changes are necessary in order to accommodate new equipment for the production of batteries and the space for the ROADRUNNER project. The project would add a third floor above the 47700 Kato Road building.

The building at 1055 Page will also be slightly modified. This building will be used to host additional production and R&D operations supporting ROADRUNNER, including a portion of cathode electrode manufacturing and the final processing step in battery cell manufacturing.

Source: Tesla 47700 Kato Road and 1055 Page Avenue Improvements Project

According to the plan, the Project proposes to construct additional space of approximately 21,485 square feet on the second floor (covering a portion of the central space that is open to the second-floor roof) and to add a smaller, 8,260 square-foot third floor above. These improvements will increase the total floor space of the existing Kato building by approximately 29,745 square feet (to a total of 156,057 square feet), but will not change the footprint of the building nor its exterior facades.

Tesmanian reader has provided us with photos that show that the construction of the building for the Roadrunner project is progressing rapidly. At the construction site, 4 cranes are working simultaneously and the progress in construction is becoming more and more evident.

However, it should be kept in mind that the main changes will be to the interior of the building, which we are unable to observe here.

According to Tesla's documents, the construction of the Kato building can be completed in three months. Thus, the battery line can be improved by September 22, the date of the long-awaited Battery Day.

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