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Key Announcements Elon Musk Made at the China-Made Tesla Model 3 Delivery Event


Elon Musk dropped a few key announcements during Tesla China's MIC Model 3 delivery event. The main focus of the Gigafactory 3 gathering was the Model 3, but Musk talked about future Tesla vehicles and tech innovation which might have been lost in all the festivities. 

The MIC Model Y preorders were announced via local TV news in China prior to the event. While onstage, Musk explained that Tesla's affordable SUV was much like the company's reasonably-priced sedan. 

The Model Y and Model 3 do have similar parts, about 75 percent. However, Musk also emphasized that Tesla's SUV could be more popular than the rest of the S, 3, and X models combined. This is partly because sports utility vehicles have a large demographic globally.


Musk also announced that Tesla was working on improving the machines that made their all-electric vehicles, specifically for the MIC Model Y. He said that the advanced technologies that will be used to produce the Model Y will be talked about at a later date, but he did want to tell everyone the Tesla is constantly working hard to improve the tech used in the company's assembly lines.

After changing into a Gigafactory 3 shirt, Elon Musk broke out dancing on stage and entertained everyone at the event. When his performance ended, Musk reminded everyone how important it was to be just a little quirky at work sometimes.

Then he personally delivered some MIC Model 3s to reservation holders. After the first MIC Model 3 deliveries were made, Musk talked to the Gigafactory 3 crowd again.

He reminded everyone about the people who were hugely responsible for Tesla's Model 3. Musk mentioned the early Tesla owners who supported the EV maker by purchasing the Models S, X, and Roadster. He emphasized the strength and strong faith early Tesla owners needed to support new technology. 


Elon Musk also talked about a design engineering center for China. He applauded the country's artistic tendencies and shared an idea for future Tesla vehicles. Musk mentioned a vehicle designed by China that could be distributed globally which could be anything from a compact car to a completely different EV altogether. 

Musk did state after the Cybertruck unveiling that Tesla would not be releasing any new vehicles anytime soon. However, his time at Gigafactory 3 may have inspired him. The next private vehicle on Tesla's list could be the Model 2, a C-segment car or compact car--but this is pure speculation.

The MIC Model 3 event was a lot of fun and was the perfect way to kick off the New Year. Gigafactory 3 will most likely start to escalate production after the event.

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