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LAPD Hollywood Division tests out Tesla patrol car

LAPD Hollywood Division tests out Tesla patrol car

The first police car was electric. Bought in Akron, Ohio, in 1899, the 4-horsepower electric “paddy wagon” boasted a top speed of 18 mph and a range of 30 miles. But the demands of high-speed chases and the ascent of the internal combustion engine in America made it Akron’s last.

But today police are returning to electric vehicles.

In Luxembourg, two Model S sedans are currently used as police patrol cars. One of the vehicles is used “a motorway patrol vehicle” and the other is used as part of the “Service Escortes et Contrôles (SEC)” fleet, which performs police escort duties.

Victoria Police (Australia) add all-electric Tesla Model X to highway patrol.

Ontario Provincial Police got a Model X and Swiss Police replaced diesel cruisers with 7 Tesla Model X 100Ds.

In the US, Denver Police Department are both using Model S sedans as part of their fleets.

In Europe, Scotland Yard says that it is considering the vehicle as a police cruiser.

December 11, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Division will be sporting a new set of wheels over the next few months after the station volunteered to test out a Tesla police cruiser.

A Tesla Model S being tested by the Los Angeles Police Department is shown in Hollywood in a photo released by the LAPD on Dec. 11, 2019.

In a tweet posted by Capt. Steve Lurie, it was announced that the Hollywood Division would be using Tesla patrol vehicles for “all electric patrols” in a move to be more environmentally conscious.The Los Angeles Police Department will be testing electric patrol vehicles over the next few months.

Given that police vehicles travel thousands of kilometers on the road per year, they should always look for ways to reduce their environmental footprint. Along with eco-friendly friendliness, Tesla cars are also more economical compared to gas-powered cars.

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