The Boring Company: A Peek into the Las Vegas Loop Service Area

The Boring Company: A Peek into the Las Vegas Loop Service Area
An early investor in CEO Elon Musk’s companies and Tesla Board member, Steve Jurveston, toured the The Boring Company’s Las Vegas Loop project and shared pictures on twitter. 
When asked if the pics posted were of a repair center, the answer by Jurvetson was:
“Stock Teslas ride the loop. This one is getting RFID tracking beacons attached to the undercarriage. This is the vehicle prep area, and the super charging area is outside. Riders just take an escalator down, but the cars can come up ramps for extended rides and charging.”
— Steve Jurvetson 
It appears there will be a Tesla servicing and prep area. The idea of EVs exclusively used in the tunnels makes sense to Jurvetson.  

“I personally love the idea even more than the hyperloop idea,” Jurvetson told TechCrunch’s Connie Loizos on stage at Disrupt SF 2017 in San Francisco. Why? Because the vision is that they could work with electric vehicles exclusively once those proliferate enough, which means you don’t need to manage exhaust, Jurvetson is pointed out.“

The Vegas Loop project overall will be approximately 10.5 miles long, of two parallel tunnels, a total of 24 miles of tunnels, on either side of Las Vegas Boulevard South. Tunnels will be 13.5 foot diameter, located approximately 30 feet below ground. Total, the Vegas Loop will connect approximately 50 stations on the Loop.

The Venture Capitalist, Steve Jurvetson’s company Future Ventures, has a stake in The Boring Company founded December 17th, 2016.

Steve has been a solid backer and a support to different Musk enterprises such as The Boring Company, SpaceX and Tesla. 

24 years, we have backed the visionaries who push the boundaries of possibility and explore the frontier of the unknown.

We focus on disruptive technology such as commercial space exploration, deep learning, quantum computing, robotics, AI, blockchain, sustainable transportation, synthetic biology and clean meat.”

Steve, a deep visionary, has a background as a Research and Development Engineer, as well as in Product Marketing.  His education is in Electrical Engineering from Stanford with a standing as number one in his class, finishing in under two-and-a-half years. 

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