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Tesla Fremont Reopening Gets Support From The US President: ‘CA Should Let Tesla & Elon Musk Open The Plant, NOW.’

Tesla Fremont Reopening Gets Support From The US President: ‘CA Should Let Tesla & Elon Musk Open The Plant, NOW.’

For several days now, the whole world has been observing the confrontation of the most successful electric car manufacturer in the world with Alameda County, where the Tesla factory is located. US President Donald Trump, intervened in the situation and spoke out that California should allow Tesla to start work now. 

Alameda County, contrary to a statement by California Governor Gavin Newsom, forbade the automaker to re-open. Alameda County, drawing on the findings of an unselected interim public health officer, banned opening a Tesla factory, contrary to the Governor, the President, and Constitutional freedoms. This led to the carmaker being forced to sue Alameda County.

Journalists and some politicians began the fight against Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk, publishing false information that the company is ready to pay the lives of its employees in order to make money. However, none of them has ever condemned the fact that all automakers in the US have already re-opened their factories and started working.

The truth is that Tesla did not break the law, but followed the recommendations of the governor of California. The automaker is the last major automaker in California and the largest manufacturing employer in the state, with more than 10,000 employees at their Fremont factory and 20,000 in the state. In addition, the company brings tremendous revenue to the state of billions of dollars. In 2019 alone and for export alone, Tesla brought in more than $7 billion in revenue.


The automaker is the only company in the US that has experience of work in its factory during the coronavirus epidemic. In addition, Tesla has published an extensive plan on how it is planned to ensure the safety of its employees. These are actions that show a responsible attitude to how the automaker intends to re-open the factory.

All this is an excellent basis for considering the opening of the Tesla factory in Fremont as logical and justified. In this regard, even the US President was forced to intervene. Today, through Twitter, he turned to the state of California, demanding that Tesla be allowed to open its factory now.

Tesla is the most successful electric car manufacturer in the world, and the fact that it is the only car manufacturer in the US who is not allowed to re-open says a lot. Tesla is a serious threat to all ICE car manufacturers, its goal is to accelerate the transition of the world from fossil energy sources to renewable ones. That is why, it once again becomes a victim.

Featured image: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

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