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Li Qiang, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, met with Elon Musk to attend the Ceremony

Li Qiang, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, met with Elon Musk to attend the Ceremony

Li Qian, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, was always kind to Tesla and wanted the company to build its factory in China. China is a fast-growing country focused on the development of technology and artificial intelligence.

During Elon Mask's visit to China, Li Qiang met with him and went on a tour to Shanghai Gigafactory. The secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Mayor of Shanghai Ying Yong and Elon Musk jointly launched the Model Y project domestically.

Tesla Shanghai factory project is China's first auto manufacturing project, which is wholly owned by foreigners, as well as the first Tesla Gigafactory outside the United States. The project was signed in July 2018. Construction began on January 7, 2019, and the first model of domestic production Model 3 was delivered to internal employees in December last year. With the active support of the relevant national ministries and commissions, as well as with the pragmatic cooperation and joint efforts of the Tesla team and all parties in Shanghai, the project was launched in the same year, put into production in the same year and delivered in the same year. The world has witnessed "Shanghai Speed" and "Tesla Speed."

In the morning, Li Qiang visited Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory to assess the overall design and progress of the project, and also had a conversation with Elon Musk and team members on the future development of the project, application of the latest technologies and market prospects. He also inspected the production line and Model 3 cars made in China in the assembly shop.

During the meeting, Li Qiang congratulated Tesla on a new project in Shanghai. He said that they are currently performing three important new tasks in accordance with the important instructions of President Xi Jinping for the work of Shanghai. This provides great opportunities for various types of enterprises to innovate and open a business in Shanghai, and also provides them with great opportunities to deepen cooperation with each other.

It is expected that both sides will continue to open up new cooperation at a new starting point and continue to bring new breakthroughs. Li Qiang said that he will fully support Tesla in order to expedite the subsequent construction of the project and to achieve capacity expansion as soon as possible. It is hoped that Tesla will further expand its business plan in Shanghai, introduce new technological research and development and release of new models in Shanghai, expand cooperation in the production chain with Chinese enterprises and Shanghai enterprises, and also look for ways to expand cooperation in the field of clean energy, urban transport and other areas. He said that China will use Tesla as an example to optimize its business environment, and will strive to make "Tesla Speed" ​​a normal state of "Shanghai Speed" ​​and strive to provide better and more efficient services for the development of various enterprises in Shanghai.

Cooperation between Shanghai and Tesla is only the beginning, and its future is bright. Li Qiang said they will create a better business and market environment for the development of Tesla in Shanghai, will respect and protect intellectual property rights and help the enterprise achieve better development.

Elon Musk said that every time he comes to China and Shanghai, he can fully experience the rapid development and enthusiasm of this land. Thanks to the effective collaboration of both teams, Shanghai Gigafactory has achieved amazing construction speeds. Tesla will continue to take root in Shanghai and deepen in China, strive to improve the technical level of new energy vehicles and new energy products, and continue to focus on creating good products to better meet customer needs.

All photo by Chen Zhenbao, Zhang Chunhai, Chen Mengjie

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