Network Innovations signs agreement with SpaceX to provide Starlink to enterprise customers

Network Innovations signs agreement with SpaceX to provide Starlink to enterprise customers

Network Innovations is a company headquartered in Canada that provides communications solutions and services. The company signed an agreement with SpaceX to begin offering Starlink broadband internet service to its enterprise and maritime customers. “Network Innovations is pleased to be entering into this reseller agreement with Starlink in response to the evolving needs of some of our customers, particularly in certain areas of our enterprise and maritime business. Adding Starlink to our already wide array of solutions and services enables us to provide the right connectivity solution for the right application,” said Derek Dawson, Co-CEO and Group President of Network Innovations.

“Our dedicated specialists have the depth of training and experience to design, build, and execute the most successful technology solutions for the unique needs of government and defense, public safety, oil and gas, media, mining, utilities, maritime and recreation and leisure,” said Network Innovations in a press release. Starlink satellite internet is useful for businesses that operate in remote and rural regions where other forms of communication are unreliable. 

As of today, SpaceX operates a constellation of around 4,023 Starlink satellites operating in Low Earth Orbit. Network Innovations says that the internet network provides their enterprise customers with download speeds of 220 Mbps (megabits per second) and low-latency of 25 to 50 ms (milliseconds).

Recently, SpaceX announced new Starlink Maritime tier service plans which accommodate not only businesses, but also customers with a smaller budget. “Boats of all sizes can now get high-speed connectivity on waters all around the world, including lakes, seas, and oceans. New Starlink Maritime plans available,” tweeted the company on April 18, information linked below.

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