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Tesla Giga Berlin-Made Model Ys in New Deep Colors Continue to Arrive in Factory Yard

Tesla Giga Berlin-Made Model Ys in New Deep Colors Continue to Arrive in Factory Yard

Photo: @GF4Tesla/Twitter

Although Giga Berlin has not yet officially launched, Tesla continues to manufacture Model Y there for test purposes. Dozens of cars painted in the new colors are in the factory yard, indicating that the factory is ready for mass production.

Tesla has already submitted all the documents necessary for the approval of the construction of Giga Berlin and is awaiting final permission. Although the approval process was too long, it enabled the company to fine-tune the production equipment and prepare to start mass production. Newly built Model Ys have already been spotted several times on the territory of the factory. At the moment, the company has permission to manufacture a limited number of vehicles, but not to be sold to consumers. Meanwhile, cars are also needed to carry out a series of tests, such as crash tests and for regulatory compliance.

On December 31, 2021, several Giga Berlin-made Model Y Performance vehicles were spotted being transported on a trailer exiting the factory along the South Berlin Ring in a westerly direction. New photos now show dozens of new cars, painted in new colors, parked in the factory's yard.

Last week, Tobias Lindh/Twitter noticed 12 Model Ys in the factory yard that were transported away before the weekend. On January 5, he noticed another 33 Model Ys parked in the parking lot. All cars were painted in new colors, which, so far, are exclusively offered by Giga Berlin and Giga Texas. Tobias' photos were taken from a long distance and on a cloudy day, making it difficult to see the color depth. However, the photos taken by @GF4Tesla/Twitter on January 6, on a sunny day, show how beautifully the new colors play in the light. Although the photo is also taken from a long distance, we can get a rough idea of ​​what the new colors will look like.

According to the state government of Brandenburg, the approval procedure for the first plant of the American manufacturer in Europe is entering its final phase. “We are actively involved in the actual final review of the approval decision,” said the head of the Environment Department Axel Steffen on Wednesday at the State Parliament's Environment Committee. This could mean that the final decision will be made in the coming weeks, if not days. According to earlier multiple statements from local politicians, Giga Berlin will be approved.

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