Canada's MDA Selects SpaceX to Launch CHORUS Constellation

Canada's MDA Selects SpaceX to Launch CHORUS Constellation

Canada's MDA Ltd has officially declared its partnership with SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, as the chosen launch service provider for their ambitious project, CHORUS. CHORUS represents the next generation of satellite constellations, specifically designed for Earth observation. The project involves a constellation of artificial satellites working together as a system to provide crucial Earth observation data. This kind of technology has wide-ranging applications, from monitoring climate changes to aiding in disaster management and providing valuable insights for various industries.

The anticipated launch date for this state-of-the-art satellite constellation is set for the fourth quarter of 2025. The launch will take place from Florida, and SpaceX's reliable Falcon 9 rocket has been selected as the launch vehicle. Falcon 9, a renowned workhorse in the space industry, is designed and manufactured by SpaceX. It is known for its reliability and versatility, making it a preferred choice for satellite launches. The rocket is equipped with a two-stage design, with the first stage being capable of reusability, which significantly reduces the cost of space access.

Mike Greenley, CEO of MDA, expressed his excitement about this collaboration, saying, "The production of CHORUS is well underway, and we are looking forward to once again working with SpaceX to launch our next-generation Earth observation capability," they stated on October 25. "The Earth is big, dynamic and evolving daily, and our ability to see, measure and analyze what is happening in near real-time – and over time – is imperative to meeting the needs of our global customer base. The insight that CHORUS will provide to governments, companies and organizations around the world will drive decisions and action, and will help to solve some of the biggest problems facing our planet."

The partnership marks a significant milestone in their shared history. MDA was the SpaceX's first private customer for a commercial mission using the Falcon 9 rocket approximately a decade ago in 2013. During this inaugural mission, the Falcon 9 rocket successfully launched Canadian commercial and scientific satellites into orbit, laying the foundation for further cooperation between the two companies.

This new endeavor with SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket represents a remarkable continuation of the partnership, showcasing the trust MDA places in SpaceX's capabilities and the rocket's impressive track record in the field of space exploration. As they work together to bring CHORUS to life, the space community eagerly anticipates the valuable insights and data this next-generation satellite constellation will provide for Earth observation and beyond.

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