Mexico Mayor Explains Why Municipality's 15 Tesla Cybertruck Orders is "Common Sense"


Tesla received reservation orders for 15 Cybertrucks from the mayor of Cuidad Valles, a municipality in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. According to Mayor Adrián Esper Cárdenas, his decision to reserve 15 CYBRTRKS was a matter of "common sense." 

The Cybertrucks will be given to the police in the municipality, and they will also be used to "pull water pipes and garbage containers." The vehicles are expected to perform these tasks well thanks to their speed and power. Mayor Adrián Esper Cárdenas reserved 15 Cybertrucks for the municipality of Cuidad Valles for about MXN$30K or a little over US$1,550.

The amount of money he paid to reserve Tesla's pickup trucks is about a month’s worth of income, reported El Imparcial. The Mayor ordered 10 dual-motor AWD Cybertrucks, which is priced at US$49,900 or about MXN$980K, and 5 tri-motor AWD Cybertrucks, which costs US$69,900 or more than US$1.37 million pesos.

In total, his order will cost about MXN$16 million pesos, or about US$820K. However, based on his calculations the all-electric pickups could save the administration up 24 million pesos a year in maintenance costs and gas expenses.

The Mayor assured media representatives that the maintenance costs of the Cybertrucks would be marginal. He explained that the pickups' warranties would come into effect if parts needed to be replaced. Cárdenas wasn’t exaggerating.

It would take a lot for the Cybertruck to need parts, as shown through the demos in Elon Musk’s unveiling event. The Mexico Mayor seemed confident that Tesla would take responsibility if any of the municipality’s electric trucks really needed repairs.

To the Mayor, ordering Cybertrucks was simply “common sense.” He truly believes that Tesla’s pickup truck will save the administration and taxpayers' money. Other than that, Cárdenas thinks the all-electric pickup trucks will be put to great use for the community.

Mayor Cárdenas isn’t the only person who sees the Cybertruck as a practical purchase in terms of business or services. Many brands from different markets seem to feel the same.

There are many people who think the Cybertruck could be the perfect commercial vehicle for community services or business operations. It’s sturdy exoskeleton and no-nonsense utility capabilities make the Cybertruck hard to ignore for conscientious politicians and businessmen searching for innovative, cost-efficient ways to get their jobs done.

Featured Image Credit: Elon's World/Twitter

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