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Tesla Model 3 with Latest Paid Acceleration Boost Update Does 0-60 mph in 3.67 Seconds

by Claribelle Deveza December 22, 2019


Tesla owner-enthusiast @teslapin recently took his Model 3 out on the road right after downloading the next-gen automaker’s paid Acceleration Boost Update. He tested his car out and received some fantastic and exciting results.

When @teslapin took his Model 3 out to test the Acceleration Boost Update he bought from Tesla—for US$2,000 plus state taxes—he didn’t expect the car's 0-60 times to reach almost Performance levels. Based on his test run, his Model 3 ran 0-60 mph in only 3.67 seconds.

In comparison, the dual-motor Model 3 Performance’s 0-60 mph time is listed at 3.2 seconds, only a .4-second difference. When compared to the 0-60 mph time Tesla initially estimated for the Performance model, which is 3.5 seconds, @teslapin’s results were only .1 second off—give or take.

The slight difference in 0-60 times between the Model 3’s dual-motor Long-Range AWD variant and Performance variant may lead the former to cannibalize the sales of the latter. A .4-second lag in the Model 3 Performance may cause consumers to rethink their purchases. Buying a Long Range dual-motor Model 3 and shelling out an additional US$2,000 for the Acceleration Boost Update might be deemed the better buy in Tesla consumers’ eyes.

If the situation above does happen, Tesla will need to find a way to make the Model 3 Performance as enticing as the mid-tier variant with the Acceleration Boost. Tesla Hacker @greentheonly’s recent speculations about an upcoming release from the car manufacturer could make a persuasive case for consumers to buy a Performance Model 3 instead of the Long range version with Acceleration Boost.

According to @greentheonly, the code configurations for the Tesla Model 3 may have revealed that Tesla will release a 100kWh battery pack and Ludicrous Mode for the Performance. If the Tesla Hacker’s speculations are correct, the Performance Model 3 may get a major upgrade soon.

This hypothetical Model 3 Performance would lure customers with its more significant battery pace and Ludicrous Mode. In the meantime, the Long Range Model 3 will entice customers with the Acceleration Boost Upgrade.

Featured Image Credit: teslamarksthespot/YouTube

Claribelle Deveza
Claribelle Deveza

Longtime writer and news/book editor. Writing about Tesla allows me to contribute something good to the world, while doing something I love.

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