Tesla EOQ delivery in Netherlands hints another milestone for the company

Tesla EOQ delivery in Netherlands hints another milestone for the company

According to kentekenradar, there are currently 25,655 Tesla Model 3 registered in the Netherlands. Of these, 7,750 are registered in December. This was a record month in terms of deliveries in history. In general, December, for Model 3 in the Netherlands turned out to be very rich in records. Almost every day, a record-high quantity of vehicles was delivered.

Source: kentekenradar

On a huge ship that has entered this week at the port of Amsterdam, at least 3,704 Models 3 arrived. Most of the cargo will go to the Dutch owners in a few hours.


Such unprecedented popularity is largely dependent on the Dutch tax system. This tax incentive is called bijelling. In 2019, there are 2 tax rates: 4% and 22%. The tax depends on the CO2 emissions of the vehicle. Emission limits are reviewed every year.

The table below applies to vehicles with a first entry date in 2019

Source: belastingdienst.nl

Tesla also understands how important this is for its customers, which is why it is in a hurry to send thousands of Model 3 to its owners.

To serve as many customers as possible, Tesla “simplified” the delivery process. Earlier, customers came to the Tesla factory in Tilburg and took their cars there. But the size of the delivery center is small, so the waiting time for receiving your car was long.

Instead of waiting for the truck to be delivered to the center, the Model 3 owners announce their intention to pick up the car at the Koopman terminal in Westelijk Havengebied and pick it up directly from there.

This approach is much more effective, the faster one Tesla owner picks up his car, the faster the next one can pick up his own. This new approach eliminates long waiting times, and the whole procedure takes about 15 minutes.

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This pace of work is very productive: the client at the reception receives a form and code. Next, the volunteers help the new owner of Tesla find the way to his car.

"We do it completely voluntarily. I work self-employed, but I'm happy to take a few days off for this. It's nice to welcome people in Tesla, and I will gladly help bring these cars onto the road. We are not a cult, it's just fun."

Photo credit: Roland Tameling /  AD

Photo credit: AD

Martin van de Ven, one of the Dutch who came to the Koopman terminal today to pick up his car, wanted to order a white Model 3 Standard Range, but by the time he ordered these options were no longer available. Demand for Model 3 is incredibly high. Therefore, Martin chose the red Model 3 Long Range. Of course, people are trying to get the cheapest car option, but if this is not possible, then they are considering other options. Martin says:
"I came here in order to get a car."

According to AD, early in the morning, 180 employees at the Koopman terminal began unloading thousands of cars. Groups of 4 people drive Tesla cars out of the ship. Next, the vehicle is inspected and the car goes to the parking lot.

To prepare the cars for delivery, another tent was erected: transport foil is removed from the cars, polished and given them a license plate. There are also 2 donor cars in the tent:

“If the Model 3 has unforeseen damage during transportation, then collecting parts from it is faster than delivering it by courier. Fortunately, this is hardly ever necessary.”

 Photo credit: Roland Tameling / AD

As always, the quality of Tesla's work is on top. All actions of the company and its employees are aimed primarily at meeting customer needs.

The Q4 of 2019 will end in just one week and we all see that Tesla's deliveries in the Netherlands, as well as around the world, are increasing. Tesla delivers a record number of its cars every quarter and Q4 is no exception.

Featured image: AD

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