Tesla Model Y Performance Scores Fastest Unmodified SUV Laptime On Buttonwillow

Tesla Model Y Performance Scores Fastest Unmodified SUV Laptime On Buttonwillow

All photos provided by The Kilowatts / YouTube 

Take a look at this stunning Tesla Model Y Performance as it drifts and conquers the winding Buttonwillow Raceway for Tesla Corsa 9. The unmodified Model Y showed a record time of 2:09.252.

TeslaCorsa was founded to encourage Tesla owners to experience the limits of their cars in a professionally managed race track environment.
Last weekend at Buttonwillow Raceway for the Tesla Corsa 9, The Kilowatts / YouTube showed a record time of 2: 09.252 with the Tesla Model Y Performance SUV. The car was unmodified. The only changes were the addition of a 3M Vinyl wrap and the tire pressure reduced to 32psi. Amateur driver, no performance improvements or weight reductions.

The Kilowatts points out that this is exactly the car that Tesla customers can get right now in the US when you purchase the Dual Motor Performance variant with the stock 21” Überturbine Wheels with Pirelli P Zero Summer Tires.
It is also striking that Model Y is an SUV. Tesla develops incredible cars that have repeatedly won at the track even when competing with expensive sports cars. This impressive result, obtained by The Kilowatts on an unmodified Model Y, confirms this once again. Tesla continues to accelerate its lead in many arenas—and high-performance vehicles are clearly no exception.


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