More Tesla FSD Features Release Soon, Great Progress Through EU Standard Committees

More Tesla FSD Features Release Soon, Great Progress Through EU Standard Committees

In a recent interview with Third Row Podcast, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company is currently undergoing “a significant foundational rewrite in the Tesla Autopilot.”

Currently, the automaker is rewriting the core of its system in order to deploy more autopilot functions. Tesla should finish work on the Autopilot core foundation code & 3D labelling, after which the functionality should appear quickly. Musk mentioned recently.

And we also reported that recently, click here for more detail.

This should greatly improve the visualization of autopilot. In an update called ‘Full Self-Driving Sneak Preview’ late last year, Tesla made a series of “Driving Visualization Improvements”. Now the display of these new objects in the visualization system is not always perfect, so it is expected that the new 3D labelling will help to significantly improve this. A new labelling feature should allow Tesla Autopilot to detect potholes and create mini-maps to remember them.

Musk wrote on Twitter today that more FSD features will appear later this month, which is very encouraging for all Tesla owners who have acquired the autopilot function. Each update from the automaker is exciting and long-awaited, because with it, car owners get improvements for their cars (which no other car in the world can count on).

The FSD has restrictions in Europe in accordance with applicable laws/regulations. Residents of European countries even signed a petition to be revised that. At the same time, Tesla is also in ongoing negotiations with EU committees about the possibility of using autopilot.

Musk has revealed some information today on this complex subject. Tesla CEO wrote that the company has reached a certain progression. At the moment, the improved rules go through committees according to EU standards and he hopes that in a few months there will be positive results.




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