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More Tesla Model Y Vehicles Spotted in Canada for Q3 Delivery

by Eva Fox August 31, 2020

More Tesla Model Y Vehicles Spotted in Canada for Q3 Delivery

The last month of Q3 begins tomorrow, which means Tesla is ramping up deliveries. Reports continue to come in that many trucks and trains carrying Teslas to delivery centers have arrived in large numbers at different cities, in various countries.

@ByeonChansoo/Twitter reports that he spotted a truck carrying Tesla Model Y in Toronto, Canada. The new owners will soon receive their long-awaited vehicles.

It should be noted that, in recent time, the delivery turnaround for Model Y orders shifted from 4-6 weeks to just 2-4 weeks. This means that any North American who orders a vehicle now can still receive it by the end of Q3.

This acceleration in production is most likely due to the fact that the Giant Casting Machine was recently operationalized at Tesla's Fremont factory. On August 24, Tesla China released information on the Giga Press for Model Y production, which included an announcement that the Machine had already been launched at the Fremont factory. Meanwhile at the factory, the installation of the tent for GA 4.5 for the assembly of Model Y was completed.

In parallel with the accelerated delivery for Model Y, the delivery time for Model 3 in North America is also 2-4 weeks. This timeline improvement can also be attributed, at least in part, to the new, separate assembly line for Model Y. Model Y production now does not have to hinder that of Model 3.

At this point, delivery times for Model S and Model X outside the US indicate that new owners can expect their vehicles in Q4. Depending on the region, the delivery time is 5 to 14 weeks.


Tesla continues to improve upon its vehicle manufacturing, unlocking increasingly quicker deliveries. Once Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin begin production of Model Y, Tesla's logistics burden will be drastically reduced. Model Y is a crossover--one of the most popular segments in the world. As people gain access to quicker deliveries, in particular for Model Y, Tesla sales will likely skyrocket even further yet--impressing even the most ardent of critics and skeptics.


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