Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Update: Roof Insulation Goes In, as Casting Footings for New Buildings Begins

by Eva Fox August 31, 2020

Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Update: Roof Insulation Goes In, as Casting Footings for New Buildings Begins

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The popularity of Model Y continues to grow and Europeans are looking forward to ordering their own. This will be possible when the construction of Phase 1 of Giga Berlin is completed. Assessing the progress that the team has made in Grünheide, it can be assumed that the first Model Y made in Germany will roll off the assembly line ahead of schedule.

For perspective, here is a plan of the various buildings that will make up Giga Berlin:

The most active building under construction is the Drive Unit. The North, South, and now the East Walls are almost complete. The roof is already fully covered and is now being insulated.

Construction of the Paint Shop continues; now there are more walls. The roof covering continues and we can see that it's almost done. The building is approaching completion. In one part of the building, it seems there will be 3 floors, while in another section, there are no visible floors. In this part of the building, we do not see fasteners to install floors.

The Body in White building continues to go up at a very quick pace. A frame has already been installed under most of the building. Work is also ongoing on the roof and we can see that part of it has already been installed. A notable observation is that the installation of walls has begun on the building.

Special attention is paid to the construction of the Press Shop. Tesla recently changed the construction plan for this building. Previously, both buildings had plans that included solid piles that reached the groundwater table. In response to concerns from environmentalists and local communities, the company has shown flexibility, revising the construction plan. Instead of 1,100 previously required piles, only 500-550 will be used. At the moment, several hundred piles have already been installed and the construction process continues.

The installation of pillars for the General Assembly section has also begun. At the moment, it is proceeding at a relatively slower pace. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the installation of robots for assembly is much faster than installing equipment in other buildings.

At this stage of construction, solid activity has become evident in the area of the Casting building. You can see that the installation of footings has begun. The reinforcement frame is filled with cement, which is produced directly on site at Giga Berlin.

The area for the Hazmat construction also looks to be fully prepped. The surface of the ground is leveled and covered with gravel, which means that footing installation will start soon.


The region's politicians are also happy with the way Tesla works. Mayor of Grunheide Arne Christiani expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation with the company. “Tesla people have very clear guidelines and goals,” he said. Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Voidke is also pleased with Tesla's progress and expects the plant to start production of vehicles by summer 2021.


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