More Tesla Vehicles Arrive in Norway's Drammen Port for Q3 2020 Quarter-End Push

More Tesla Vehicles Arrive in Norway's Drammen Port for Q3 2020 Quarter-End Push

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Tesla continues to ramp up deliveries around the world for the Q3 2020 quarter-end push. More than 100 Tesla vehicles were recently delivered by ship to Drammen port, Norway.

At the end of August, hundreds of Model 3s were delivered to Norway by train. Now, new observations of shipments to the country's ports show that the California-based company is ramping up deliveries. More than 100 Tesla vehicles have been seen in Drammen port. Traditionally for a company, the number of deliveries increases closer to the end of the quarter.

To date, 18,238 Model 3s have been registered in Norway. By the end of August (year-to-date), 2,081 Model 3s have been registered in the country, showing robust growth. For example, over the same time period, approximately 1,700 electric vehicles of the same model were registered in Australia.

So far in September, we are observing an increase in the registration rates of Model 3 in Norway. Twelve days in the month, 470 units of this model were already registered, according to Teslastats.


In addition to the most popular and affordable Tesla model, about 500 Model X and S have been registered in Norway in 2020. Also, residents of the country are eagerly anticipating the production of Model Y, which should begin in mid-2021 in Giga Berlin.

Norway continues to lead the way in the transition to clean transport. In the first half of 2020, 48% of cars sold in the country were fully electric. This is a world record for EV market share.

And also in the first half of 2020, Tesla Model 3 became the third best-selling model in the country. However, with the entry of Model Y into the Norwegian market, the situation may change. Residents of the country give preference to SUVs and crossovers, so a significant increase in Tesla sales in the country is still expected in the near future.

The growth in electric vehicle sales in Norway is in part the result of government efforts to discourage the sale of gasoline and diesel cars. The country plans to switch to clean energy by 2030 and strongly supports sustainable transport. The authorities intend to further increase taxes for owners of cars with internal combustion engines, as well as restrict them from entering a number of streets. Their broader goal is to ban the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines from 2025.

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