Mexico Government teams up with GlobalSat to connect 3,300 Rural Communities with SpaceX Starlink Internet

Mexico Government teams up with GlobalSat to connect 3,300 Rural Communities with SpaceX Starlink Internet

In an exciting development, GlobalSat has announced its partnership with SpaceX Starlink to bridge the digital divide in Mexico's rural and remote areas, as part of the Mexico Federal Government's CFE “Internet para Todos” project. With a commendable feat already accomplished by connecting 250 communities nationwide as of February, GlobalSat said that it aims to extend Starlink connectivity to an additional 1,100 communities this year. “Initiatives around the world are working to expand access to high-speed internet. In Mexico, where ~half of the rural population did not have internet access in 2022, Starlink is helping to connect ~3,300 of these communities,” shared SpaceX. “With an average community size of ~337 people served by this program, Starlink is connecting ~1 million people across Mexico through this program alone,” said the company via Twitter on May 22.

SpaceX Starlink has revolutionized the provision of high-speed, low-latency broadband internet in more than 45 countries worldwide. Its constellation of satellites, positioned in low-Earth orbit at an altitude of around 550 kilometers, a fraction of the distance covered by traditional geostationary satellites, enables Starlink to deliver remarkable transmission speeds and remarkably reduced latency. As a result, it emerges as the ideal solution for regions plagued by unreliable, costly, or non-existent internet services. The Starlink antenna installation is easy, user just connects it to an electricity source and points it at a clear view of the sky to access internet wirelessly. 

Mexico government's visionary "Internet para todos" project serves as a pledge to grant all Mexican citizens the fundamental right of access to information, communication technologies, and vital broadcasting and telecommunications services. Shockingly, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico (INEGI) reported that only 56.5% of rural Mexico enjoys internet access as of 2022. Recognizing the need for swift deployment with minimal infrastructure requirements compared to fiber solutions, the government opted to team up with GlobalSat for the implementation of Starlink across the nation. Globalsat is a highly experienced Mexican telecommunications company with a distinguished legacy spanning over 25 years.

Eric Cataño, the General Director/CEO of Globalsat, expressed their unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions in collaboration with industry leaders. –“At Globalsat, we are devoted to empowering communities and are proud to contribute to the CFE-Internet para Todos project through our integration with Starlink,” they stated.

The collaboration between GlobalSat and SpaceX Starlink promises to be a game-changer for Mexico's remote communities, ensuring a brighter and more connected future. “Our mission is to bring connectivity to those who have been left behind, and through this program, we are providing Mexico's rural communities with a reliable solution to bridge the connectivity gap,” said Chad Gibbs, Vice President of Starlink Business Operations at SpaceX. 

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Featured Images Source: SpaceX Starlink via Twitter 

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