NetVault Will Award $100,000 To Connect A Regional Australian School To SpaceX Starlink Internet – Find Out How To Apply!

NetVault Will Award $100,000 To Connect A Regional Australian School To SpaceX Starlink Internet – Find Out How To Apply!

NetVault, an Australian telecommunications provider that provides IT service companies access to the Internet, secure Cloud services, and world-class telephony, partnered with Cisco, a global networking hardware and software manufacturer, to create 'Project Halo'. The project is offering a $100,000 grant for a regional Australian school to receive reliable internet service from SpaceX’s Starlink network. “Codenamed Project Halo, this initiative is the brainchild of NetVault, which approached SpaceX and Cisco with a vision to gift students, teachers and families in regional Australia with high speed, low latency Internet, putting them on par with top tier city schools,” they announced in a press release. “The grant covers Starlink terminals for the school itself, a select number of students, teachers or local community members, along with Cisco Video conferencing hardware and software.”

NetVault released a YouTube video this week in which NetVault's Senior Systems Consultant Radek Tkaczyk briefly discusses Project Halo and how Australian schools, teachers, and students can apply for an opportunity to win free SpaceX Starlink Internet service for 12 months. Australian schools with students living in rural areas located at least 50-kilometers away from their closest capital city, can apply for the Project Halo grant by submitting a 500-word essay and/or a short video to the company’s website The essay should be about how high-speed internet access would benefit their school and community; application period ends on July 31, 2021. “…Talk to your teachers, talk to your principal, and have them apply for the Project Halo $100,000 dollar internet grant,” he said in the video, linked below. 

“Rather than hand-picking a school, we want to go out to the community to learn where this technology is really needed. The grant isn’t just for the school, we’ll also be connecting up to 30 homes which could include private access for teachers and students,” Tkaczyk said. The equipment and services that will be provided by Project Halo for free are: Starlink dish antenna terminals, Cisco routers with NetVault 4G LTE failover technology, 10 teleconferencing hardware units, and NetVault consulting and implementation services.




All Images Source: Video by NetVault via Youtube 

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