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Neuron EV TORQ vs Tesla Semi

Neuron EV TORQ vs Tesla Semi

Two-year old California startup Neuron EV, which calls itself a "visionary automotive company" intent on expanding the renewable energy transportation landscape, has revealed its first electric vehicles (EVs) it hopes will have the measure of Tesla's electric pickup and electric truck.

Neuron introduced its TORQ electric truck at the second China International Import Exhibition (CIIE) in early November in Shanghai.

Neuron said that both of these electric vehicles have a modular platform based on their own patented “modular electric utility vehicle system”. These electric vehicles (reminiscent of a Tesla pickup truck and a Tesla truck) were designed to reduce waste and use renewable environmental solutions.

It's great that Tesla inspires people to develop vehicles that are environmentally friendly.

TORQ is built on Neuron's scalable chassis with interchangeable body components that easily attach and detach, enabling it to adjust functionality and expand cargo capacity.

The truck's functional architecture also features an aerodynamic profile that has an integrated sleeper cabin.

Like the Tesla Semi, the TORQ features a 360° position view through wireless cameras that feed data into the driver's screen via application. The center driver seating allows for visibility, optimized handling and an engaging driving experience. 

Photo credit: Neuron EV

According to the manufacturing company, the truck's intuitive vehicle interface application provides full operation control and works on any personal device, which can be plugged into the interior architecture and replaces all physical componentry. This clutter free and open system is compatible with the latest gadgets, internet solutions, and transport management networks. 

At the moment, these are all the details that we know about this vehicle. The manufacturer didn't give any details about range, carrying capacity or cost of their vehicle.

Since Tesla Semi was released back in 2017, there is no doubt that he became the inspiration to the creation of TORQ. The many exterior details and the cabin interior remind us of the Tesla Semi. The absence of side mirrors, the presence of a driver's seat in the middle of the cab and several monitors, this is all familiar to us thanks to Tesla Semi.

Compared to the presented TORQ, which copies the ideas of Tesla, we already have all the necessary information about the Semi.

Tesla Semi will install a battery under the head of the trailer, and the car will be equipped with several batteries, even if one battery pack is damaged, this will not affect driving. The new car uses a four-wheel independent engine design and is equipped with on-board sensors to determine the condition of the body.

According to preliminary data, Tesla Semi will now launch two models. The first one with a range of 300 miles, its price will be $150,000. The second with a range of 500 miles will be sold for $180,000. However, Elon Musk said they found opportunities to expand this range during testing, and he said that the production version of the Tesla Semi would have a distance around 600 miles.

The claimed Tesla Semi resource is 1 million miles. This means that during its life cycle, the truck will be able to drive around the globe 40 times.

Image credit: Tesla

Tesla Semi has better characteristics than the "classic" diesel trucks. For example, the Tesla accelerates to 60 mph in 5 seconds without load and in 20 seconds when fully loaded. A diesel truck without load needs 15 seconds to accelerate to 60 mph.

Each instance of the Tesla Semi will come with an extended autopilot. Consequently, the truck will include automatic steering and autonomous braking. Also, Tesla Semi owners will get the benefits of charging from the new Supercharger, powerful chargers that can charge vehicle for range 400 miles in just 30 minutes.

Tesla is a trendsetter on environmentally friendly vehicles. In addition, revolutionary approaches such as the absence of side mirrors, the location of the driver's seat in the center of the cab, and the presence of monitors to control all the functions of the vehicle are gradually becoming popular. Semi is a fundamentally new chapter in the history of electric vehicles which is becoming a trend and Neuron EV TORQ is a confirmation of this.

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