New Tesla Model 3 Now Comes with 64GB Flash Memory for Sentry Mode & More

New Tesla Model 3 Now Comes with 64GB Flash Memory for Sentry Mode & More

The built-in video recorder function has been active in Tesla's cars for a long time now. The car uses cameras installed in the body to continuously record what is happening on the road while driving, as well as the space around the vehicle when Sentry Mode is activated. The recordings include a 360-degree view around the car, but until now, the system had a drawback: to watch the video, it must first be copied to a specially formatted USB drive. Of course, this caused some difficulty for owners.

In early April, Tesla owners received the ability to view recorded videos directly on the central display of their car. This has become a very useful function, however it has not always been totally convenient. For instance, if a video had to be shown at the police station after an accident or vandalism of the car, showing the video on the car screen is less than ideal. That being said, many criminals have indeed been caught via these recordings, but there was clearly a need for a more reliable way to share video footage.

And now there is. According to the Hong Kong edition of Up Car, the refreshed Model 3 now also includes a 64GB flash memory, in addition to several other known updates. This is great news because Tesla owners have repeatedly requested this feature.

Up Car also released a video of these other updates, many of which have been discussed in the community for a long time now:

Modified headlights

New wheel design

Chrome delete of exterior trims

New multi-paned glass

Powered trunk gate

The gasket seal has small holes to drain excess fluid and prevent it from entering the trunk

Added symbol to the "open door" button

Updated steering wheel

Updated center console

Charging ports under the rear air vents

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