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Tesla Giga Berlin 1st Birdseye View as Mega Construction Continues to Rock Out

Tesla Giga Berlin 1st Birdseye View as Mega Construction Continues to Rock Out

On November 12, during the Gala of the Golden Steering Wheel, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company's European factory will be located in Germany, near Berlin. Since then, not even one year has passed, and we can already see that the shell of Giga Berlin buildings is almost complete. It was an impressive year, not only due to Tesla's sheer speed of construction, but also because this feat was done so quickly despite the notorious bureaucratic apparatus in Germany.

Over the past six months, @GigaWarszawa/Twitter has been sharing images of Giga Berlin taken at about 40,000 feet. This gives us an excellent understanding of how truly rapid construction has progressed, and how the construction site has changed over this period.

At the moment, in addition to construction, Tesla is focused on recruiting employees who will ultimately become the driving force in the production of the company's cars for the European market. According to the plan, Tesla is looking for about 8000 employees by July 2021. The California-based company is investing about 4 billion euros in the factory, which will change the region forever, says Jochem Freyer in an interview with Berliner Zeitung, head of the employment agency.

He is delighted that industry is returning to the region and the technology of the future is in Brandenburg. In 2022, at the end of Phase 1, Giga Berlin can employ 12,000 people. The employment agency helps job-seekers not only from Brandenburg to find work, but also in regions where existing car manufacturers and their suppliers are currently experiencing difficulties.

In addition to highly skilled workers, Tesla is ready to take on a large number of unskilled workers and train them in the factory. The company attaches great importance not to formal qualifications, but to motivation and passion to do the work.

The monthly starting wage in Giga Berlin for unskilled employees will be 2,700 euros. With the appropriate completed vocational training, the monthly salary begins at around 3,500 euros.

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