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Nuevo León Governor to Visit Tesla Giga Shanghai as Construction of Giga Mexico Nears

Nuevo León Governor to Visit Tesla Giga Shanghai as Construction of Giga Mexico Nears

Image: Samuel García

Nuevo León’s governor will soon visit Tesla Giga Shanghai. The official is keen to use the experience of building the Chinese factory in the construction of Giga Mexico, which is due to begin soon.

The governor of Nuevo León, Mexico, Samuel García Sepúlveda said he plans to visit Tesla's Chinese factory as part of his business tour to Asia. The official will visit Giga Shanghai by October 18 along with a delegation from Nuevo León. The purpose of the visit is to obtain the necessary knowledge to use in the construction of the Tesla factory in Mexico.

Giga Shanghai is the only automobile manufacturing factory in the world that was built and put into operation in just 10 months. It is a role model for the entire industry and is therefore of particular interest. In addition to the fact that Giga Shanghai was built in record time, the factory produces the largest number of cars per month compared to any other competitor factory.

It is obvious that the executives of the Chinese factory can share valuable experience to ensure that the construction of Giga Mexico goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. The Governor has already visited Giga Texas, Giga Berlin, and the Fremont factory. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each facility will provide a good understanding of how best to organize the process of building a Tesla factory in Mexico.

In mid-September, Tesla submitted a letter of intent to the state government to formalize the construction and launch of the Gigafactory in Nuevo León. At that time, the state governor expected to receive written confirmation from the directors and executives of the company once construction had begun. According to him, he is in constant contact with Tesla executives to negotiate the launch of Giga Mexico. However, he did not go into detail about their discussions.

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