Oder-Spree reorganizes according to Tesla Gigafactory 4 needs

Oder-Spree reorganizes according to Tesla Gigafactory 4 needs

The future Tesla factory - Giga Berlin, will create thousands of jobs, so the council of the Oder-Spree district, seeks to create all conditions so that there are no difficulties in its work.

Forest clearing at the Tesla site in Grünheide (Oder-Spree) will last until the end of February. According to the State Chancellery, a construction company on behalf of Tesla is currently cutting down trees. The company plans to clear all 90 hectares over the next two weeks.

Workers in Grünheide began cutting trees on Thursday night. The State Environmental Agency in Brandenburg had previously agreed to start deforestation as soon as possible, although there is still no permission to build a plant in Tesla. According to the rbb, work began in the early evening, immediately after the State Agency for Environmental Protection gave the green light for cleaning.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, Tesla has a special permit for preparatory activities. This includes the construction of construction roads in accordance with Section 8 of the Federal Emission Control Act.

According to Brandenburg Minister of the Environment Axel Vogel (Greens), the valuation of the property is also not yet complete - the final purchase price of the land has not yet been determined.

The future Tesla factory is scheduled to work in three shifts with up to 12,000 employees. The planned settlement of Tesla could exacerbate the problem of the lack of public transport and congestion. Therefore, the Oder-Spree County Council on Wednesday in Beskovo decided to radically reform public transport in the county. “We must be careful not to be taken aback by time,” said Matthias Papendieck.

The planned factory should attract a large number of workers who will need housing. Therefore, the issue of creating housing for them on the spot is currently being discussed.

It also discusses the designation of more commercial space for the anticipated supply industry, according to Sascha Gehm, deputy district administrator in Oder Spree.

The government of Oder-Spree wants to prepare in advance, and so they are already creating a plan to reorganize the district.

Featured image: Monika Skolimowska/dpa-Zentralbild/DPA

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