Over 380 Tesla Megapacks Worth $634M+ Spotted at Giga Nevada Preparing for Shipment

by Eva Fox July 08, 2022

Over 380 Tesla Megapacks Worth $634M+ Spotted at Giga Nevada Preparing for Shipment

Photo: @6463dc/Twitter

Tesla continues to ramp up the development of its Tesla Energy business. More than 380 Tesla Megapacks worth over $634 million have been spotted at Giga Nevada and are getting ready to ship.

With the wider adoption of renewable energy generation, large energy storage systems have become very popular. Tesla is experiencing a huge increase in demand for its Megapack, offering industry-leading energy storage. A shipment of approximately 383 batteries has been spotted at Giga Nevada in preparation for delivery. The corresponding photos were posted by @6463dc/Twitter on Thursday. The total value of all these Megapacks is more than 634 million dollars.

Most investors of the company are focused on Tesla's automotive business, and for the most part, evaluate it only from this position. However, Tesla's energy business is growing at a tremendous pace and, in the future, could take a larger share of the manufacturer's operations than its automotive business. Lately, some investors have been paying more attention to Tesla's energy business and batches of hundreds of batteries have been spotted outside the production building multiple times over the past 12 months.

However, the new batch, which contains around 383 Megapacks, is the largest spotted to date. This may indicate that the manufacturer has significantly increased its production capacity in recent months. Keep in mind that Giga Nevada is not the only production site for Megapack. The demand for large battery storage systems is so high that Tesla was forced to build one more factory, Megafactory, in Lathrop, California. According to informationas of Q1 2022, it was at the stage of increasing production.

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