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Samsung in Talks with Tesla to Supply Camera Modules for Model S, 3, X, Y, Cybertruck & Semi

by Eva Fox July 08, 2022

Samsung in Talks with Tesla to Supply Camera Modules for Model S, 3, X, Y, Cybertruck & Semi

Photo: Jey Snipe

Samsung Electro-Mechanics said it is in talks with Tesla to possibly supply camera modules that will be used in Model S, 3, X, Y, Cybertruck, and Semi. The South Korean company will supply camera modules version 4.0 with 5 million pixels.

Tesla is in talks to buy camera modules from Samsung Electro-Mechanics, a South Korean subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. Responding to the media question that the company may supply camera modules to the Texan manufacturer, the Korean company said it is currently in talks with Tesla on the relevant details of the deal. Details such as the size and amount of the transaction cannot be disclosed at this time, according to the statement.

In early June, information appeared that Samsung Electro-Mechanics defeated other bidders and secured a 4 trillion to 5 trillion won ($3.2 billion to $4 billion) deal with Tesla. According to the report, Samsung could have started shipping to Tesla within the next few weeks. It was about its latest camera modules for Model S, 3, X and Y. They will also be installed on Tesla Semi and Cybertruck, which should hit the market soon. These will be Samsung Camera Modules version 4.0 with 5 million pixels, which provide five times sharper images than previous version 3.0 modules. Production of the component was supposed to start in July, according to a source. However, a new comment from Samsung shows that negotiations are ongoing.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is already a key supplier of camera modules for Tesla but lags behind LG Innotek in terms of volume. Until last year, up to 70% of Tesla's camera modules were supplied by LG Innotek, and the remaining 30% by Samsung. However, the new deal will play a significant role in rebalancing. Now Samsung will account for almost 80%, while LG takes over the remaining 20%.

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