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Panasonic Seeks to Increase Battery Production to 43 GWh per Year at Tesla's Nevada Factory: Report

Panasonic Seeks to Increase Battery Production to 43 GWh per Year at Tesla's Nevada Factory: Report

Gigafactory Nevada / Photo: Tesla

Panasonic aims to increase battery production to 43 gigawatt-hours per year at Tesla's Nevada factory. The Japanese company has sent specialized personnel to the US.

Panasonic Holdings will increase US electric vehicle battery production, which it supplies to Tesla, by about 10%—the equivalent of one production line—by 2024, NikkeiAsia has learned. By June, dozens of process engineers from the Japanese company had been sent to Giga Nevada.

Together with the Tesla team, they had to provide technical assistance in production and conduct training. Their main task is to reduce equipment problems and increase production. The final production capacity of the factory is expected to be around 43 gigawatt-hours per year. Panasonic will produce more cylindrical 2170 battery cells.

In July, the Japanese company announced that it would build its second US electric vehicle battery plant in Kansas. This suggests proximity to another Tesla factory, located in Texas. The New Panasonic plant is not expected to be operational until 2024.

In addition, Panasonic also manufactures batteries for Tesla at its Osaka plant. Here, production is more efficient, which is why local specialists were sent to the US to improve production efficiency thereby transferring know-how.

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