60 Tesla vehicles will become part of the 'Free Now' fleet, a joint venture of BMW and Daimler

60 Tesla vehicles will become part of the 'Free Now' fleet, a joint venture of BMW and Daimler

The Free Now trademark was introduced last spring; previously called Mytaxi.

Less than a year ago, car manufacturers BMW and Daimler officially announced a partnership. The network consists of five joint ventures ReachNow (multimodal), ChargeNow (charging), FreeNow (business taxi), ParkNow (parking) and ShareNow (car sharing).

Jörg Reymann, BMW Digital Charging Solutions CEO and ChargeNow, explained that this new collaboration should help electric mobility in Germany.

“ChargeNow is a service from Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS), and thanks to its nationwide charging infrastructure, it makes a significant contribution to the shift in mobility towards zero-emission traffic,” Reymann explains. The charging network, which currently has over 250 connected charging station operators, allows electric vehicle drivers to “easily and conveniently find, use and pay for public charging stations in Germany and abroad.”

As part of the 'Now' family, which BMW and Daimler call their new brand association, DCS can “further strengthen its charging service and connect with other joint ventures, offering customers an even more comprehensive urban mobility solution.” ChargeNow customers currently have access to more than 100,000 charging points in Europe and around the world, and the team “is constantly working to attract additional partners to our charging network,” Reymann said. Tesla Superchargers are not part of ChargeNow.
Free Now is a classic taxi business that offers its services in 25 cities in Germany. Headquarters Free Now is located in Hamburg. According to information provided by the company, its turnover is 2 billion euros worldwide as a platform. Free Now has 35 offices with 1800 employees.

In 2020, the company plans to continue expansion to other cities in Germany. For this, in particular, it is necessary to expand the fleet of electric vehicles. For this, orders were placed for 60 Tesla vehicles. Once acquired, they will be used in the Free Now fleet of Hamburg. Which Tesla models will be involved is not yet clear. It can be assumed that with a high degree of probability, most of the fleet will be Model 3.

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Tesla Model 3 has a number of advantages, including comfort, performance, range, relatively low purchase price and relatively low cost of car maintenance.

Last year, Free Now in Germany had 20% more passengers than the previous year; the number of drivers increased by 27%. Model 3, Model S and Model X also open up new potential passengers who ride the Tesla and want to experience it in everyday life. Together with Tesla models, there is a wide selection of electric vehicles that offer the right vehicles for every taste.

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