YouTuber PewDiePie Shares He Is Using SpaceX's Starlink Internet –‘You literally just plug it in & Bam! you got internet!’

YouTuber PewDiePie Shares He Is Using SpaceX's Starlink Internet –‘You literally just plug it in & Bam! you got internet!’

Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie Felix Kjellberg, famous for his comedic content and meme review videos, shared he is using SpaceX's Starlink Internet during a member-only live session on November 25th titled: “Swedish man tries streaming from Elon Musk Space Internet // Starlink Test”. The video is not linked on his public YouTube channel because it was exclusive content for paid subscribers, however, fans recorded snippets of the livestream where he talked with his online followers and friends about using the Starlink network (15-minute video is linked at the end of this article). 

Image Source: Reddit - PewDiePie Livestream

PewDiePie shared Starlink is providing broadband internet download speeds of 300Mbps (megabits per second), he said his previous provider had much slower Internet download speeds of only 30Mbps and Starlink is significantly faster in comparison. He mentioned that Starlink upload speeds are 30Mbps, “upload speed is not great, I’m not gonna’ lie,” he said. Though,  “[…] Starlink is working great. Thank you Elon,” Felix added with his hands in a prayer position, “Thank you… saving the planet,” he said, then he jokingly advertised a VPN service sponsor. Multiple people who watched PewDiePie’s livestream in real-time shared on social media that the livestream was flawless and that it looked like Starlink’s upload speed was fast enough to livestream with no visible lag. SpaceX aims to improve the upload speeds as more internet-beaming satellites are launched to orbit next year.  

Felix has only been using Starlink for a couple days; He is working in Italy right now and was surprised when the package was delivered to the location he is in. “… Yesterday, huge box at my door said ‘Starlink’ on it… I was like, 'oh sh*t they actually came’!” he shared. Then he showed the camera some photos from his phone screen of the Starlink Kit box he received via mail and a photo of his Starlink dish antenna. –“You literally just plug it in & Bam! You got internet!” he said, “It’s so f*cking cool!”

“It looks like a little table,” he said about the pizza-sized Starlink dish antenna. The Starlink Kit comes with an antenna to connect to the satellites orbiting Earth and a Wi-Fi router device. SpaceX released a newer version of the antenna that is rectangular and is already available for pre-order via Some of his broadcast viewers told him he was lucky to receive the Starlink equipment because they are still waiting to have their order fulfilled. Felix said that he is excited to take Starlink everywhere he travels to, especially to places where internet access is unreliable to “not worry about if the internet is going to be good or not,” he said. Currently, the Starlink service is limited to one service address where the satellites are assigned to beam service. SpaceX plans to achieve Starlink service mobility next year as it works to expand its network capabilities and coverage across the world. “…For sure, anywhere I travel I’ll bring it [Starlink],” PewDiePie told his followers during the livestream. For official information and to know if Starlink is available in your area visit 





Featured Image Source: PewDiePie Livestream

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