The Plot of Land in the South of Giga Shanghai Remains Reserved for Tesla

The Plot of Land in the South of Giga Shanghai Remains Reserved for Tesla

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The question of the expansion of Giga Shanghai is not entirely clear for the uninitiated, although the layout of the Lingang zone indicates that a lot of territories are reserved for Tesla in the west and south of the factory. While the company has not officially confirmed its interest in the site in the south, this does not mean that Tesla did not include it in its expansion plan.

Due to the fact that Tesla refrained from bidding for a land plot located in the south of Giga Shanghai, there were unconfirmed reports in local media that the company was stopping the expansion of the factory. However, Tesla never officially announced its intention to acquire this land, so the mere appearance of such rumors was completely inappropriate. Due to these rumors, earlier this week, the Global Times visited Giga Shanghai and spoke with the construction workers. They said, that Tesla's factory expansion continues at its usual pace and is expected to be completed in the near future. Workers were also seen at a construction site on a plot of land across the street from the factory. A Global Times reporter visited it and found that workers were busy leveling the ground and laying cement. The land is due to be completed in a month, one of the workers said, possibly to park the new Tesla vehicles coming off the assembly line.

In addition, as part of the study of the development of the Lingang zone in Shanghai, Future Auto Daily published interesting information regarding Tesla. According to the layout of the district, the city has reserved two additional plots of land for Tesla. One of them is in the west, and now there is a parking lot for trailers and cars for the factory personnel. Perhaps this zone was allocated specifically for this purpose. However, another area is of more interest.

Earlier, a piece of land south of Giga Shanghai was put up for auction. The Tesla community and some in the industry speculated that the Californian manufacturer would buy it. However, the official data on the purchase did not appear, which led to rumors about the abandonment of the expansion. But according to the layout, this land remains reserved for Tesla, which is a logical step regardless of what position the manufacturer currently occupies. The fact that Tesla did not acquire the land cannot indicate the company's intentions.

Another aspect is that the Shanghai government can keep this site for Tesla for a few more years because the company is the engine for the promotion of EVs in the Chinese market. It may take several years for local manufacturers to offer truly competitive electric vehicles. By actively developing the economies of Shanghai, China, and contributing to the development of electric vehicles in the country, the Californian manufacturer actually has a very high value here.

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