Tesla Giga Shanghai Expansion Continues Despite FUD & Rumors

Tesla Giga Shanghai Expansion Continues Despite FUD & Rumors
Photo: Yang Hui/Global Times

    Despite rumors that Tesla has stopped the expansion of Giga Shanghai, the facts indicate that everything is going according to plan. The builders said the expansion is ongoing and will be completed in the near future.

    Recently it became known that Tesla abstained from bidding for a plot of land located across the street from Giga Shanghai. It should be noted that the company never announced its intention to acquire this land, although many enthusiasts and observers were confident that it was Tesla who would buy it. This was the reason that rumors began circulating in the local media that Tesla was stopping the expansion of the factory. These rumors prompted the Global Times to visit the factory to gather some information on this.

    On May 13, reporters paid a visit to Giga Shanghai and spoke to the construction workers. Tesla's factory expansion continues at its usual pace and is expected to be completed in the near future, according to their statements. Workers were also seen at a construction site on a plot of land across the street from the factory. A Global Times reporter visited it and found that workers were busy leveling the ground and laying cement. According to one of the workers, the land is due to be completed in a month, possibly to park the new Tesla vehicles that are rolling off the assembly line.

    "Several expansion projects in the park are being carried out simultaneously, and the expansion project for the plant's phase two construction is at the stage of ceiling planking," a construction worker told the Global Times.

    "The construction is approaching the end, and the workload has been reduced," said another worker who builds ventilation pipes for Tesla expansion projects.

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