Possibly Tesla Battery Production Line Is Now Building in Fremont

Possibly Tesla Battery Production Line Is Now Building in Fremont

Based on data from Tesla's job list, it can be assumed that the automaker plans to build a battery production line in Fremont.

The battery is the main element of an electric car. With the start of production of Model 3, Tesla faced some difficulties. Panasonic, which is a supplier of batteries for the automaker, was not able to produce the battery cells in the quantity that it needed. This prompted Tesla to more actively search for possible solutions, although most likely, the company from the very beginning planned to produce batteries on its own over time.

On May 16, 2019, Tesla officially announced the acquisition of Maxwell. This step was a new milestone on the path of the automaker to complete independence.

Previously, Tesla's CEO was terse in this regard. We know that Maxwell has technology patented back in 2013, 'Battery with the recyclable dry particle based electrode'. This development probably leads to getting the most efficient battery at the lowest possible price.

According to this technology, instead of liquid additives (which create many problems in the production of batteries), a dry polymer is added as a bonding element. This eliminates the need for expensive stoves, air purification systems and, no longer need to wait long until the drying process ends. In fact, there are simply dry materials that mix in just a few minutes.

The goal is to turn the polymer into a binder that will create a film around the activated carbon. This is achieved by grinding the components of the mixture, for example, by a jet mill, so that the binder occurs at the molecular level. Earlier, we already reported on this technology and likely changes in the production of Tesla batteries.

Source: The Drive

Gigafactory 3 was already built taking into account the needs of the automaker. Giga Shanghai has separate capacities that are likely to be used for its own battery production. At its future Giga Berlin, Tesla will also produce batteries, as indicated in the documents.

At the moment, on the eve of Battery Day, the topic of Tesla's own battery production has become hotly debated. "Battery Day people. Wait until Battery Day. It's gonna blow your mind. It blows my mind, and I know it!" said Elon Musk.

Back in September, the automaker posted on its website, in the list of vacancies for Fremont, an announcement that it was looking for a technical specialist for the production line they were developing. Another vacancy involved work related to the development and optimization of anodes.

The new list of vacancies, from January-February 2020, includes Pilot Line Production Engineer, Cell Engineering. Some jobs include drive design responsibilities, commissioning ramp of a complex manufacturing tool that is the first of its kind at Tesla. Tesla is also looking for a highly-motivated equipment development engineer to accelerate their next-generation battery cell manufacturing program.

Other vacancies listed are: Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Cell Engineering; Technical Program Manager, Cell Manufacturing Engineering; Equipment Development Engineer, Cell Engineering; Associate Cell Process Development Engineer; Cell Process Development Engineer etc.

Source: Tesla

This list of vacancies gives us a clear idea that Tesla is actively hiring specialists in the field of creating battery cells and production lines for this. And this is an excellent signal, because the company seeks to be independent from other companies in the production of the most important part of its car.

As Mr. Musk promised, 'Battery Day' will definitely be impressive.

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