Problems of Porsche Taycan worry buyers, change of heart for a Tesla Vehicle

Problems of Porsche Taycan worry buyers, change of heart for a Tesla Vehicle

Due to problems and inconsistencies with Porsche's initial statements, some customers abandon previously booked Taycan.

Porsche announced the start of Taycan production in September 2019. Initially, Porsche planned to produce 20,000 electric cars during the first year of production, but, according to the company, interest in the car prompted the automaker to double its planned annual production to 40,000 in the first year. Porsche said they received 30,000 deposits for booking this model.

These customers have made upfront payments and 10,000 of them have already placed a firm purchase order for Taycan, said CEO Oliver Blume. "This exceeded the company expectations" he said.

In November, Porsche found out that producing an all-electric car is quite difficult. The German automaker announced that the Taycan has faced some production delays. According to the company, the delay will be 8-10 weeks.

The next bad news was the range issue. In fact, a car with a declared range of 280 miles had only 201 miles. This is terrible information, because the company tricked its customers and provided them with a car whose range is almost 1/3 times less than the declared one.

The next big problem was the price of the car. Initially, Porsche stated that the Taycan would cost about $85,000. Of course, this attracted potential buyers and prompted them to place a pre-order. In practice, it turned out that the selling price rose to a whopping $150,000 for Turbo and $185,000 for Turbo S.

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It seems that a number of negative aspects strongly influenced the desire to purchase an electric car from Porsche.

One of the people who were upset by the situation that is developing with Porsche was Danilo Kawasaki / Twitter. Danilo is the Co-Founder, Vice-President and COO of Gerber Kawasaki, a wealth and investment management firm. Danilo oversees the compliance and day-to-day operations of the firm as well as serves individuals clients. He is a member of the Gerber Kawasaki Board of Directors and the Investment Selection Committee.

Mr. Kawasaki is not the only person who is disappointed with Porsche and doesn't want to face the problems of waiting for production, overpriced and low range of Taycan.

At TaycanForum, we saw a poll for forum participants who are owners of the Taycan reservation. Of the 52 people surveyed, only 26 will continue to wait for their car, at the same time, 14 voters have some doubts and have not yet made a final decision and 12 people have refused the reservation and want to take their money back.

Source: TaycanForum

Here are some comments below this poll.

artdept wrote:

"originally thought that the car would start at 80-100K maybe 120K at most with options. When the revel happened I was in @ 150 -180K
now to see its starting @ 150K (maybe 125 for base) and it not even getting 280 Miles per charge.? simply dumb. how could they do this.

Ideally i want a car that will travel from san francisco to Los angeles without stopping for more then a piss break.
i guess we will just wit for a roadster 2
Damn you porsche, you may have just lost a customer you never had.

they should of bought tesla when they had a chance. now they will have to play catch up for the next 10 years min."

Haros wrote:

"I’m in Japan for shopping ( and of course eating) and have just considered this refund as my spending money.
So, so yeah. Refund for me.
No worries though- I’m sure I’ll find a car I like."

Some people have still not decided which car they would like to buy instead of the Porsche Taycan, while others, such as Mr. Kawasaki, have already seriously considered buying Tesla.

I am sure that Porsche has a lot of fans who, despite the problems encountered, will remain true to their choice. But people who want to get a high-performance and high-tech (with the possibility of constant updating) car, the range of which will correspond to the declared by the company, and the price will be much lower than that of Taycan, will surely first turn their attention to Tesla.

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