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SpaceX submitted a request to build a Starship assembly facility in the Port of Los Angeles

SpaceX submitted a request to build a Starship assembly facility in the Port of Los Angeles

Source: Daily Breeze

SpaceX's ultimate goal is transforming us into a multi-planet species. To accomplish that ambition they are in the initial phase of developing their next-generation rocket  spaceship duo, known as Starship. The craft would be capable of carrying 100 passengers and tons of cargo during long duration voyages to Mars.

The rocket company started building the first Starship craft prototypes at their South Texas launch facility in Boca Chica Beach, also at an assembly facility in Cocoa, Florida. According to Daily Breeze news, SpaceX requested building a new facility, to work on Starship manufacturing in the Port of Los Angeles, California. They are currently pending approval. The facility would only be used used to build "commercial (space) transportation vessels" because Starship would be to massive to transport through Los Angeles highways to a launch site. So, an assembled Starship would be transported by ship from the Port of Los Angeles to a launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida, or South Texas.

During a 90-minute meeting in City Hall on Wednesday, January 22, representatives of SpaceX talked with Los Angeles officials about reactivating an old lease (2018) agreement to build a facility, and requested to avoid a long negotiation process. To which officials said it was not possible to reactivate it but agreed on attempting a speedy negotiation if SpaceX submits a new lease request.

Los Angeles city officials expressed hope that if SpaceX begins operations in the area it could bring 300 jobs and probably lure other aerospace companies. The Los Angeles City Council Joe Buscaino, expressed his hopes, he said:

"I am excited. By the renewed opportunity for SpaceX to build its next generation of Mars-destined rockets at the Port of Los Angeles."

The commissioners of the port in San Pedro will hold a closed session conference on Thursday, February 6, to get into an agreement on whether to issue a permit allowing SpaceX to build a rocket manufacturing plant on Terminal Island. An open session would then be held during a meeting scheduled for February 20 to reach a decision. If the commissioner's decide to approve the construction of a SpaceX Starship assembly facility, it would be built across the channel from what will be San Pedro's new waterfront development. Branimir Kvartuc, communications director for Buscaino, said "everybody’s on board" to allow SpaceX to build a Starship assembly facility. Buscaino has been closely involved in the lease process and said in a written statement on Wednesday, "Having SpaceX at the LA Waterfront in San Pedro and Wilmington, would complete an economic development trifecta that will include AltaSea and the new LA Waterfront development."

"They thought it was going to be faster and they thought Texas would be it for them, but they needed more capacity, they needed the Port of Los Angeles," Kvartuc said, "The way it was explained to the councilman is that they simply want to move faster and they wanted that capacity (at the L.A. port)", he added, "There really is a space race happening, so speed is of the essence for them."


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